Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Working hard and having fun all weekend long!"

This weekend I attended and worked at the Bamboozle Festival! I helped out the lovely staff of Photo Finish Records who had a tent right by one of the main stages. I helped them out with setting up the tent and table every morning, "sniping" or covering the venue with posters of the bands, and helping with tent activities during the day. PFR's The Downtown Fiction played friday and sunday that weekend so we covered the festival in posters stating their set times and held special contests and promotions all weekend including the chance to win a guitar signed by the band. Other than that, we had a ton of sweet giveaways like snap bracelets and stickers and it really nice working the group I was with.

Other than working at the tent, I spent a ton of time hanging with friends and catching a lot of great bands play! I got to see The Downtown Fiction, The Movielife, Ryan Cabrera, Taking Back Sunday, LMFAO among a ton others. I also met a bunch of people that I'll be going to school with next year and did some networking as well. Overall it was great and very exhausting weekend. I am so tired and so sunburnt but I would definitely do it again next year!

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